What We Do For You

Backed by the Best Brains in the Industry ...

Behind the financial investment advice and planning that we provide is the comfort of knowing that our recommendations and investment proposals are backed by extensive research into the financial markets, undertaken by an acclaimed academic group in Chicago, USA.

Your funds are placed and managed by experienced international fund managers that have over $1.6b in assets under their stewardship. And all of our investment programmes comply with New Zealand regulatory requirements.

The Planning Phase ...

Financial Situation Analysis
A preliminary discussion is conducted with you to uncover your own specific financial goals and to demonstrate the consequences of various investment strategies. We use an advanced financial modelling tool called True North which projects the long-term consequences of various investment strategies.

It takes into consideration all probability factors that may influence your returns over the period and indicates the likelihood of you achieving your financial goals. This analysis may require multiple meetings to achieve complete understanding.

Knowledge Session
We conduct a three-hour educational session with you to debunk common investment myths and to present the fundamentals upon which our investment recommendations and advice are made.

The result is that you will fully understand the process and have a realistic expectation of the projected financial returns. We ensure that you know right from the outset what we are doing with your money.

Strategic Direction Report (SDR)

The Knowledge Session is followed by the preparation of Strategic Direction Report, a documented investment plan detailing the recommended investment strategy that we have developed you as a potential investor. At this stage you are under no obligation to implement the recommendations.

Once you are comfortable with our investment recommendations and advice we will move onto the implementation phase.