For Trustees

Trustees using my investment services will never have to say they are sorry. Before investment all clients confidently know that their long-term objectives can be met.  I report, in layman's terms, so that they know I am doing my job and meeting their needs.  This ensures that Trustees are able to fulfil their resonsibilities within the Trust also.  Evidence of how successful my service has been is that no trustee has been left embarrassed following the investment debacles of the past decade.

My clients had no exposure to any of the failed or frozen investment products such as: finance companies, Blue Chip, property developers, mortgage funds, hedge funds, and collateralised debt obligation (known as CDO) funds.  None of my clients have suffered permanent loss.

I always prepare a Statement of Advice that manages and controls decisions through the whole system to ensure funds are always protected.  The Statement of Advice contents contain:


Statement of objectives

Asset class guidelines

Duties and responsibilities

Investment fund selection

Control procedures

Investment policy review 

If you wish me to show you the Statement of Advice I prepare for my clients or Investment Reports then let me know by emailing me at