For Solicitors

Most of my clients are referred directly by other clients and solicitors.  The four things you need to know about how I operate my investment planning business are:

1.   Clients funds are diversified across at least 8,700 securities across the globe to reduce to zero any chance of permanent loss.

2.   The focus is on long-term total return so that clients always have the same level of cashflow withdrawals, regardless of short-term performance, which are not accessible for income tax.

3.   I have a higher standard of care through my fiduciary declaration.  That is, I have processes and reporting standards that go beyond the minimum legal requirement of the "prudent person" rule.

4.   Before investment all clients confidently know that their long-term objectives can be met by using my service.  I report, in layman's terms, so that they know I am doing my job and meeting their needs.

 If you wish me to show you the Investment Policy Statements I prepare for my clients or Investment Reports then let me know by emailing me at