For Accountants

Most of my clients are referred directly by other clients and accountants.  The five things you need to know about how I operate my investment planning business are:
1.   Clients funds are diversified across at least 8,700 securities across the globe to reduce to virtually zero (as low as an ex scientist can admit) any chance of permanent loss.

2.   I focus on funds management that improves tax efficiency.  Because my investment philosophy does not trade actively I have time to consider tax and costs.

3.  My focus is on long-term total return so that clients always have the same level of cashflow withdrawals, regardless of short-term performance, which are not assessible for income tax.

4.   I have a higher standard of care through my fiduciary declaration.  That is, I have processes and reporting standards that go beyond the minimum legal requirement of the "prudent person" rule.

5.   Before investment all clients confidently know that their long-term objectives can be met by using my service.  I report, in layman's terms, that way they know I am doing my job and meeting their needs.

If you wish me to show you the Statements of Advice I prepare for my clients or Investment Reports then let me know by emailing me at